Your Family Beach Portraits

I feel that being a family portrait photographer is really a awesome job.The other day I did a shoot that was a large family grandparents there children and spouses and grand children.Well as I was taking there images I thought how fortunate they were to have all there family together.Well I lost my second oldest brother almost eight tears ago and both my parents five years ago.I know my mom would have liked to have all here seven children together like that but it never did happen.We came close one time but the one brother who has passed was not there that day.So sometimes I tell people that I shot how good they have it to get they’re family all together and have they’re images taken.I really enjoy the little kids trying to get them to pose certain way or even just smile.I had a little girl in a shoot last week she was eighteen months old and I tried and tried to get her to smile or just sit still so right at the very end she started running around and stuff and I was able to get some awesome images of her.Also one of the grandmothers was kinda emotional and it made me think of my mom.As I have said when you capture moments in time with your camera I want people to view the images and smile even twenty tears from now.And even the photographer who took the images how he was able to get people to smile or even just his good manners which I feel was passed on to me by my parents.So at the end of the day if you have family around you to share your life with then you’re a very fortunate person.So I say if you and a family member are not talking to each other patch things up because you never know when they may be gone.9th ave Beach Portraits-8_DSC0310A Beach Shoot  (1 of 1)-29th ave Beach Portraits-3