Your Family Beach Portraits

I feel that being a family portrait photographer is really a awesome job.The other day I did a shoot that was a large family grandparents there children and spouses and grand children.Well as I was taking there images I thought how fortunate they were to have all there family together.Well I lost my second oldest brother almost eight tears ago and both my parents five years ago.I know my mom would have liked to have all here seven children together like that but it never did happen.We came close one time but the one brother who has passed was not there that day.So sometimes I tell people that I shot how good they have it to get they’re family all together and have they’re images taken.I really enjoy the little kids trying to get them to pose certain way or even just smile.I had a little girl in a shoot last week she was eighteen months old and I tried and tried to get her to smile or just sit still so right at the very end she started running around and stuff and I was able to get some awesome images of her.Also one of the grandmothers was kinda emotional and it made me think of my mom.As I have said when you capture moments in time with your camera I want people to view the images and smile even twenty tears from now.And even the photographer who took the images how he was able to get people to smile or even just his good manners which I feel was passed on to me by my parents.So at the end of the day if you have family around you to share your life with then you’re a very fortunate person.So I say if you and a family member are not talking to each other patch things up because you never know when they may be gone.9th ave Beach Portraits-8_DSC0310A Beach Shoot  (1 of 1)-29th ave Beach Portraits-3

Weddings on the Beach in North Myrtle SC

Web site portraits_-23Web site pics_-67Web Site Pics Portraits-47Web Site Pics Portraits-21Web Site Pics Portraits-13Web Site Pics Portraits-12Web Site Pics Portraits-28Web Site Pics Portraits-29Web Site Pics Portraits-83Web Site Pics Portraits-91Wedding Show_-15Winds July 9th Wedding-12I started out doing beach weddings about ten years ago and unlike stuffy church weddings beach weddings can be quite fun.I always try and make them as fun as possible between the different poses to sometimes seeing the groom carrying his bride into the ocean.The one draw back to beach weddings is of course the weather.Between it being windy to when there is no wind at all and the biting flys come around.But for the most part the weather is not a problem and after many years experience I have learned the so called tricks of the trade.For one if the wind is blowing the brides hair just point her to face the wind as long as the sun is not in her face.One time I had a groomsman open a beer as the ceremony had started I wish I could have known so I could have captured it.I feel that shooting weddings I am very privileged to be there when these people start a new life together and walk threw life hand and hand threw life ups and downs.As what happened a groom called me and asked if I still had a copy of there wedding images because they had a fight and the disks got broken.Over the years I have tried to keep a lot of the images but not all of them on disk or hard drives.I still get a little nervous when shooting a wedding because I know these images will hang on someones wall hopefully for years to come.So I take great care in how I position myself during the vows and when the rings are exchanged as to get that perfect shot of the bride or groom with the look of love the authored brings in there life.I had a wedding a few years back a sunrise wedding it was awesome the bride was with child and the groom had decided to give up his past life in a gang and during the wedding threw away a gang related article of clothing.Like I said weddings are very special and when I am done with the photography of the busy day I reflect on what I have been a part of that day.The Surf the Sand the touch of your hand leads me to a wedding band.

Sunrises and Sunsets the Carolina Coast

The Prince Pier

Sunset over Myrtle Beach in the distance

Those wonderful clouds at sunrise

Down on the sand sunset

I have been living near the Carolina Coast for twenty six years now and over that time I have seen very many sunsets and sunrises.Back in the early nineties early in the morning the image I took with my old film camera I captured sun flares coming off the sun.When taking these images if you can see one with it clear to the horizon then you must watch very closely for a yellowish green flash when the sun comes it contact with it coming up or down.I have seen this only a few times so its almost impossible to capture.The thrill of watching the sun come up or go down is knowing that its a brand new day or the end of one your have lived threw.Some would say if you have seen one you have seen them all.I beg to differ because there is no two of them alike to me.In the late afternoon early evening I tell by the way the clouds are if its going to be a colorful sunset.Sometimes just the right amount of haze in the summer can do wonderful things to see.I can’t decide which I like better because they both have so many unique in there own rights.Sunrises because until its up your not a hundred percent what your going to see.With sunsets you kinda get a clue about a hour to half before time.Where I live to see the sunset over the water you must wait till late November and it lasts till early February.And Sunrise you ca see from early August threw the following May.I think my favorite time of year is the winter when there is not many people on the beach you have a better chance of a good clear sky.Sometimes the color of the sky is so unexplainable its simple awesome to me.I have been able to take images of a eclipse a few years ago that was really neat.I hope one day to live on a Island so i can see both of these natural wonders every day of my life.

Great New Landscape Images of Waterfalls

I just returned from the beautiful North Carolina Mountains near Asheville the place we stayed in a town called  Brevard  North Carolina at the Holiday Inn Express.Something about hiking you must always tell someone where your going becaues the mountain trails there limited cell service.Also exercise care when walking around creeks and falls as not slip about ten years ago a man climbed the top of Moore Cove falls and fell to his death.Where I hiked some trails and took images of the waterfalls there.I was thankful to have my nephew to carry my backpack with my photography equipment in the bag trail was very long.The place we found was Virginia Hawkins falls which is in South Carolina just over the border on route 178 south of  a town called Rosman North Carolina.Another waterfalls we went to is called Living waters is on private land but they allow the public access to it.Another place I love to visit is called Courthouse Falls and I could not go because the road is closed due to flooding and is under construction to fix it says the forest service at the Pisgah Ranger station.One place that’s really fun in this area is called Sliding Rock falls where you can get a inner tube and slide down the falls it looks like a really fun time for young and old.Another Falls in the area which is very is to see is called Looking Glass Falls its just a short walk right off the road there in the Pisgah National Forest.I must say that I have just barely seen a small amount of the falls in the North Carolina Mountains.One other falls is called Crabtree Falls which is off the Blue Ridge Parkway but I learned that on the Blue Ridge Parkway it can become very foggy really quick.

Web Site Pics landscape_-9

Falls at Living Waters Ministry

Web Site Pics landscape_-10

Falls at Living Waters Ministry

This is Virginia Hawkins Falls

Web Site Pics landscape_-26

Waterfall off the Blue Ridge Parkway called Crabtree Falls

Virginia Hawkins Falls