Sunrises and Sunsets the Carolina Coast

The Prince Pier

Sunset over Myrtle Beach in the distance

Those wonderful clouds at sunrise

Down on the sand sunset

I have been living near the Carolina Coast for twenty six years now and over that time I have seen very many sunsets and sunrises.Back in the early nineties early in the morning the image I took with my old film camera I captured sun flares coming off the sun.When taking these images if you can see one with it clear to the horizon then you must watch very closely for a yellowish green flash when the sun comes it contact with it coming up or down.I have seen this only a few times so its almost impossible to capture.The thrill of watching the sun come up or go down is knowing that its a brand new day or the end of one your have lived threw.Some would say if you have seen one you have seen them all.I beg to differ because there is no two of them alike to me.In the late afternoon early evening I tell by the way the clouds are if its going to be a colorful sunset.Sometimes just the right amount of haze in the summer can do wonderful things to see.I can’t decide which I like better because they both have so many unique in there own rights.Sunrises because until its up your not a hundred percent what your going to see.With sunsets you kinda get a clue about a hour to half before time.Where I live to see the sunset over the water you must wait till late November and it lasts till early February.And Sunrise you ca see from early August threw the following May.I think my favorite time of year is the winter when there is not many people on the beach you have a better chance of a good clear sky.Sometimes the color of the sky is so unexplainable its simple awesome to me.I have been able to take images of a eclipse a few years ago that was really neat.I hope one day to live on a Island so i can see both of these natural wonders every day of my life.