Weddings on the Beach in North Myrtle SC

Web site portraits_-23Web site pics_-67Web Site Pics Portraits-47Web Site Pics Portraits-21Web Site Pics Portraits-13Web Site Pics Portraits-12Web Site Pics Portraits-28Web Site Pics Portraits-29Web Site Pics Portraits-83Web Site Pics Portraits-91Wedding Show_-15Winds July 9th Wedding-12I started out doing beach weddings about ten years ago and unlike stuffy church weddings beach weddings can be quite fun.I always try and make them as fun as possible between the different poses to sometimes seeing the groom carrying his bride into the ocean.The one draw back to beach weddings is of course the weather.Between it being windy to when there is no wind at all and the biting flys come around.But for the most part the weather is not a problem and after many years experience I have learned the so called tricks of the trade.For one if the wind is blowing the brides hair just point her to face the wind as long as the sun is not in her face.One time I had a groomsman open a beer as the ceremony had started I wish I could have known so I could have captured it.I feel that shooting weddings I am very privileged to be there when these people start a new life together and walk threw life hand and hand threw life ups and downs.As what happened a groom called me and asked if I still had a copy of there wedding images because they had a fight and the disks got broken.Over the years I have tried to keep a lot of the images but not all of them on disk or hard drives.I still get a little nervous when shooting a wedding because I know these images will hang on someones wall hopefully for years to come.So I take great care in how I position myself during the vows and when the rings are exchanged as to get that perfect shot of the bride or groom with the look of love the authored brings in there life.I had a wedding a few years back a sunrise wedding it was awesome the bride was with child and the groom had decided to give up his past life in a gang and during the wedding threw away a gang related article of clothing.Like I said weddings are very special and when I am done with the photography of the busy day I reflect on what I have been a part of that day.The Surf the Sand the touch of your hand leads me to a wedding band.